Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle


Consequence found Lore’l online and since he’s digging her music he proposed they do a record together. There’s a line he wrote for the song though that isn’t rocking with Lore’l. “So what about your verse in there with, you know, with you offending everybody? You know what I’m talking about homie. Light skin the right skin.” Lore’l knows if it’s stated in the wrong context it will cause a major sh*tstorm. Consequence doesn’t see the problem because she’s light skinned. “I don’t have to be brown skinned to still be offended,” she reminds him. “Yeah you do,” he responds. Oh, brother. Consequence then drops a line for the brown skinned women, but that’s not in the original version. He claims he’ll add it on the remix. Lore’l, go with your gut. This will not end well in the world of blogs and social media.


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