Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle


Raqi and Rashidah are all dolled up for a classy charity event full of women dressed to the T. Rah approaches Raqi about the he/say she say, and we have to say, Rah has the worst timing ever. Time and place for everything. Rashidah’s voice does not go over a whisper at first. She explains that she’s trying to rebuild her name that’s been tarnished and is hearing Raqi’s throwing dirt on it. “My fact checks on you have been nothing but suspect,” Raqi said. “Cut the smart girl s—. ‘Cause if you was twice as smart you’d still be stupid,” Rah replied. The conversation goes from 0 to 60 in less than a minute. “You call yourself hip-hop’s confidante. You’re hip-hop’s whore,” Rashidah said. No one from the charity event comes to calm the ladies down. “I don’t f— for fees, you do,” Raqi fires back. “What do you have a credit card scrap between your a–hole and your co*chie?” Raqi continues. Rah tells Raqi she’s trying to show her how to do this, hun. Like Hov said. It gets uglier and uglier. “You carry yourself like you were raised at a brothel,” Rashidah fires off. When Raqi takes shots at the weave Rashidah lets her know, “This is a thousand dollars a bundle, bitch.” It always resorts to the weave.


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