Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle


“Why the f— you felt the need to go play Joe my record?” Cisco, the producer of Tahiry’s “Devil” track asks. Cisco tells her she should’ve known he wasn’t going to be happy for her, and she doesn’t need to be seeing him anyway. “At the end of the day, f— him. You got a chance now to be bigger than Joe ever was.” As long as Tahiry focuses on the music, not Joe, Cisco’s ready to take her to the top.


Lore’l thinks maybe she’s overreacting about Consequence’s lyric so why not ask Raqi who has a longstanding beef with Consequence and she’s brown skinned. “Music is subjective, but that’s a bit much coming from a brother,” Raqi advises. Perfect timing for Raqi to tell Lore’l about the Jen beef. “I can’t believe she said no bulls— like that,” Lore’l replies. “She’s his white nubian queen,” Raqi said. Lore’l’s not feeling the lyric so if he doesn’t change it she’s chucking the deuces.


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