Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle


“I think I messed up though a little bit,” Erica said to Yandy. Yandy is the counselor this season. When Erica beats around the bush to finally tell Yandy the real issue is the booking she took behind his back Yandy wants to know, “Did he get his cut?” When Erica says no she knew right then there was a problem. Yandy lets her know she was dead wrong. “He probably feels like he can’t trust you if you’re going behind his back taking bookings,” Yandy said. Erica thinks she can have Rich as her man and manger but doesn’t know how to fix it. “Go talk to your man, go get your manager back,” Yandy advises. “Ride out til the wheels fall off.” Erica’s all about that life.


Joe shows up to Tahiry’s video shoot. Cisco intervenes to let Joe know that he doesn’t want their back and forth to come between what he’s trying to do for Tahiry’s career. Joe wants to make a peace offering with Tahiry. “You want to come you just want to blow my cool because that’s what you do. Like I mess with you and work and your bitch. I don’t never mess with you and ‘nem,” she said. Joe claims he’s there to support Tahiry, but she’s a little tired of it. “I’ll support you even from afar if that’s what you’d like,” he said. “My friends think I’m crazy, everybody thinks I’m crazy, show and prove. If not, go away.” she replies.


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