Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle


Lore’l asks Cons one more time to take the line out. Consequence doesn’t think there’s a problem with the lyric at all. “When you live the life I live you can say some of the stuff I say,” Consequence said. Lore’l is fighting a losing battle as she tries to explain to him his brown skin fans may be offended. Cons couldn’t care less, he thinks the line makes for good controversy. “If you don’t invoke thought then you lost. This is rap,” he said. Well, that’s the end of their short lived would’ve been record. Kudos to Lore’l for standing her ground.


Olivia recorded the much talked about song after Rich felt he owed it to her. While playing it for him Erica walks in looking like a bomb just went off. “I’m definitely not gonna be having this conversation with this thing here,” she says referring to Olivia. “So then walk the f— out,” Liv tells her. Erica’s definitely hurt. “You don’t deserve the record,” he tells Erica. Erica is turnt up on a million. Her yelling turns to tears back to screams. “I’m sorry that I’m not like your other clients where I sit around and wait for you to do all my f—- work for me,” she says obviously throwing shade at Olivia. Rich tells her it’s her own fault for not signing the contract, and that he’s done enough for her. Erica goes off about her struggles. When Rich tries to stop her she says, “No you’re gonna f—- listen to me now.” “I’mma get me a song and I’mma be on the radio sooner or later with or without you.” When the love gets tarnished because of the hip-hop.


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