The Best Moments Of Mob Wives Episode 10: Worse and Worse


Forgive Your F—ing Self And Move On

Still in Arizona, Karen has two goals while she’s out there. To resolve things with Dave and his girlfriend Rebecca, and to start working with her brother to get her father out of prison. In order to do that though, she needs to go into storage, listen to hours and hours of tapes and recorded conversations, and find some way to prove that her dad’s plea deal was for fifteen years, not twenty, as the government claims. It’s complicated and time consuming, and Karen starts to crack under the pressure, especially since she feels responsible for her dad’s sentence, since he’s basically doing the time so she won’t have to. Ramona’s still in Arizona too, and she can read Karen’s frustration and guilt over the entire situation.
Lest you forget, these two are the queens of tough love with one another, so Ramona yells at Karen “Your father forgave you, your family forgave you! F—ing forgive yourself, b—h! MOVE ON!!

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