The Best Moments Of Mob Wives Episode 10: Worse and Worse


Renee has learned something in the past few days. That would be that buying and owning a guard dog is hella expensive. Somewhere in the “I could buy a serious Tiffany ring with that money” range. So instead of getting a pooch, she decides that self-defense classes are another good place to start, and she drags Drita to Krav Maga. While Drita’s thrilled to learn some new fight moves, Renee apologizes every time she’s asked to throw a punch. “No sorries!” her instructor tells her. “Knee him in the cup!”
She gets the hang of it and starts to really enjoy it. “I actually had fun in this class,” she says. “I learned how to put someone to sleep without an Ambien, a Lunesta, a Xanax, or a Nyquil. Be careful!”

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