Love And Hip Hop – Episode 10 – Three’s A Crowd


According to Yandy, Erica doesn’t have managers knocking down her door to work with her so Yandy’s advice is for her to go fix it. “I know Rich really wants to see you win. Who’s going to fight for you?” Erica just wants to hear someone say it’s messed up. Ok, Yandy gives her that. “It’s not about a record. You’ll have a million of those. Who’s is going to have your back? Who’s going to fight for you. You need him more than he needs you.” Yandy always brings the truth no matter how much it may hurt. Erica’s got to swallow her pride and make it work.


As soon as Tahiry shows her mom the latest magazine cover she’s on mom thinks it looks great but wants to know, “So when you going to get married?” Of course her mom asks about Joe to which Tahiry’s response is pretty much nonchalant. As long as Tahiry isn’t looking for a man like her dad, mom dukes is cool. “Daddy was my king,” Tahiry said. But her trust issues stem from him being unfaithful to her mom and having so many kids outside his marriage. Tahiry and her mom get emotional when Tahiry mentions her dad forcing her mom’s signature to secretly divorce her. It’s easy for her to connect the dots between her dad’s behavior and what she’s accepted from Joe. Luckily Tahiry has a mom that thinks no matter what he did to her in their marriage, he is still Tahiry’s dad and they need to talk through it.


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