Love And Hip Hop – Episode 10 – Three’s A Crowd


Erica’s pulling out the big guns to win Rich back as her manager. Rich’s mom is not blinded by Erica saying all the right things and let’s her know off the bat that she doesn’t like the two of them mixing business with pleasure. “You scare me because you say these things, but then I see you doing something different,” Rich’s mom says. “Still no contract, still no trust, still no respect as a manager. None of that.” Erica tells his mom it’s not just about the song she really wants Rich in her corner. Rich’s mom isn’t buying. “Erica, you’re good.You’re good at saying what you need to say.” She tells her flat out she’s not convinced and Erica shouldn’t move forward if she has this much apprehension.


Raqi goes to talk with Ebro at Hot 97 about the show she pitched him, letting him know Jen is no longer part of it. “What’s a wrap? Y’all didn’t even get started. What do you mean?” he says. Ebro lets her know he’s heard about all her beefs and it’s not a good look. He tells her the common denominator is her. “Everything in this business is about a relationship.” He tells her everything she has going on is not something a network wants to deal with inside of their business. Raqi takes up for herself claiming Consequence and Joe are only two people. When he asks her to name names of several other people she has connections to Raqi comes up short. Flustered Raqi yells, “I have the talent, I have the grind and I have the f—-g drive.” Ebro wants her to show and prove. And stop cursing at him in the meantime.


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