Love And Hip Hop – Episode 10 – Three’s A Crowd


Raqi goes to see Joe about this radio interview Ebro requested. “I’m glad to see the security in this building works so well,” Joe says sarcastically. Raqi presents the radio show to him as a way to make amends. “I need to prove that I can professionally get over personal humps,” she says. “To who?” he asks. “To myself.” Joe wants something in return if he does this favor for his former friend. “An apology,” he says. Oh, no problem. She immediately apologizes. No, no, no. He wants her to apologize to Tahiry. “You know what, I’ll think about it,” she says. Do you think that apology will ever happen?


Olivia meets with Rich’s ex, Tiffany. Tiffany tells Olivia she met Erica in the club, had sex with her and has been spying on her for Rich. “Basically, I hung out with Erica, how can I say this, spying for Rich,” she said. “I pretty much slept with Erica.” Erica doesn’t know Tiffany is spying on her for Rich, and according to Tiffany they became friends. “She’s telling me she loves me,” said Tiffany. Tiffany thought if she revealed to Rich that Erica was cheating he’d leave Erica and be with her, only her plan didn’t work. Olivia is confused by this whole love triangle.”Does Rich have like a gold-tipped d—?” Olivia asked. Olivia tells Tiffany straight up that Rich isn’t going to settle down with anyone. “He’ll settle down with me,” she said hopefully.


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