Love And Hip Hop – Episode 10 – Three’s A Crowd


Joe wants to show his support to Tahiry by being there for her fundraiser for feeding kids in the Dominican Republic. While she’s there she’s going to finally talk to her dad. “I think I should go. I think it makes sense,” Joe says. “The fact that you’re going to have this conversation with your father is a big step.” She thinks he wants to have lusty sex with her on the beach. “This is not be asking you to accompany you, number one. Nor is this me accompanying you as your ex nor am I trying to come and have lusty sex on the beach.” “Oh n,o you are,” she replies. “I’mma even pay for my own ticket,” Joe says. Tahiry screams because she’s so used to paying for his “haircuts” so him paying for his own flight is a shocker. “You supported me this is about me supporting you.” Then he gives her money for her charity. “Lord. All I can say is Lord,” she responds. Something tells us these two on a beach together could lead to getting that old thing back.


Mendeecees takes Yandy to see a house in New Jersey. Yandy loves the house. “I just want different for my kids. I grew up in the streets,” he tells her. Yandy gets emotional and tells him there’s certain things she wanted to have in place before she had a family or bought a house. “Let’s think about the kids and the children first,” he said. Something tells us Mendeecees is up to something. When Yandy walks into the master bedroom to candles and flower petals she laughs out loud. “What in the world is this?” He drops to one knee to propose. “Are you serious?” Her eyes welled up with tears. Without a doubt she said she’d marry him. “You picked this out by yourself?” Awww she’s proud of her man for knowing how to pick a diamond.


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