EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Winter Ramos On Lore’l And Her Tell-All Book Game Over



Winter Ramos received a collective side-eye on Love and Hip Hop when she revealed she was writing a tell all book–Game Over: My Love For Hip-Hop–putting some hip-hop heads . Things went left when frenemy Lore’l found herself tangled in the web of Winter’s tell-all escapades. In our one-on-one chat with Winter she tells it all.

VH1: What was your motivation for doing the show?

Winter: It was a by chance thing. Mona [Scott-Young] was looking for girls for Love and Hip Hop Miami and my friend Mary couldn’t find any girls, I guess that was her responsibility, and she didn’t want to let Mona down. So I was like, ‘Just make up a quick little bio or something and I’ll help you out if one extra girl would help.’ I kind of just did it as a favor to her. I guess I stood out in the middle of the interview. They decided not to do Miami and she called me a couple months later and asked me to do the episode with Emily since I was working with Fab when he and Emily started dating. That aired season two and from that day her and I got to talking and she was just intrigued by my opinion on things. She asked me if I would come to New York because I live in Miami. When New York came around [again] she reached out and I was like, why not.

VH1: Are you and Fab still cool?

Winter: Yeah! Fab and I are cool. I talk to Emily on the phone all the time. We’re alright.

VH1: In the book you talk about your relationship with Chrissy. Is she still one of your friends?

Winter: Since the show she’s been super busy and again, I live in Miami. But if she’s in Miami we’ll meet up. I actually never come to New York so whenever she’s in Miami we’ll meet up, or hang out at a club or something. Her and I are really good friends.

VH1: Do you have any regrets on how you were portrayed?

Winter: I just look at is as entertainment. I don’t feel like what you see on TV in the two and a half minute segment can give you a full understanding of the type of person I am or who I am for that matter. It has to be entertaining, it can’t be all fun and games and cool and not drama filled, so I guess they had to do what they felt like they had to do. No I don’t have any regrets. I don’t feel like I did anything that I wouldn’t have normally done in everyday situations if there were no cameras. I gave them who I was and they took pieces of who I was and that’s what they put out there.

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