EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Winter Ramos On Lore’l And Her Tell-All Book Game Over


VH1: Do you regret putting Lore’l’s business in your book?

Winter: If you read the whole [book] you have to understand Lore’l and I’s relationship. We were roommates. She has these ideas of what the situation was between her, and I and what I wrote in the book for me was the final straw in our friendship. I felt like for years I had been a loyal friend to her I had been taking care of her emotionally, mentally, financially and all she did was run over me and backstab me and do things behind my back and betray me in every way that she could find possible. Prior to filming Lore’l and I hadn’t spoken for almost a year so it’s not a situation where her and I were hanging out; and even during filming I didn’t see her unless we had to shoot a scene together. You don’t see pictures of me and her in the club, you don’t see pictures of me and her at her Sunday dinners, she has Sunday dinners at her home and it was never a situation where it was me and her at Sunday dinner.

VH1: What’s the full story behind her spreading gossip that you let something happen to her?

Winter: I didn’t let her go to Atlanta to go to the concert. That was what she was talking about that I allowed this guy to make me do something that I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to go with her to Atlanta to that Cash Money concert.

VH1: Is there any chance of you guys rekindling that friendship?

Winter: No, there was no chance of it prior to filming.

Check back on the VH1 Blog for what Winter had to say about why she wrote the book, what she thinks now of some of the rappers mentioned in her tell all and settling down.

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