Getting Manicures And Talking Nail Art With Dutchess Of Black Ink Crew


As for someone who only recently stopped biting her nails and can’t sit still long enough not to come to work with at least two smudges on her at-home manicure? Hello, my name is Emily and I’m a nail art virgin (or at least I was). Because of these circumstances, sitting down in front of Corey was slightly intimidating–my rough cuticles likely a surefire sign I’d never experimented with gels or acrylics–but the man Dutchess will follow anywhere in the Big Apple made me feel at home.

After working his typical magic on Dutchess, Corey assured me I’d be getting something I can’t get anywhere else. His hand-painted designs are original and 100% authentic, without any use of stickers or stencils, and based on whatever he’s feeling that day. Cost can add up depending on the intricacy of the design and the number of accessories, and it’s probably safe to block out a chunk of your day for Corey’s chair–you’ll want to for the conversation alone–but it’s all a part of getting the best. “The best way to be successful with perfection is patience,” he said. “You can’t do it fast and expect it to be fast. Being creative takes time. Me, myself, everything’s original.”

In effort to fit in with the casual vibe emanating from the regulars around me, I encouraged him to go with his instincts and do whatever came to mind. The result?

Black Ink Crew's Dutchess Manicure Video Nail Art

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