Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking


“I’m not out here to look like a bird no more,” Raqi says. No more? “Wow. Quite an apology,” said Tahiry. She’s not moved at all. The olive branch that should’ve been extended ended up in an argument. “I’m sorry your pockets is a little dry, boo,” Tahiry yelled. “You’re one step away from a unibrow, bitch.” So…about that interview with Joe.


Yandy and Mendeecees are enjoying family time. They break the engagement news to the seven years old. “You married?” he asked excitedly. Too adorable. After Yandy explains it’s an engagement ring she says, “I’m going to be a Harris now.” Mendeecees Jr. is so excited he starts kissing everyone.


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