Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking


Tiffany tells Rich she met up with Olivia. “I need to talk to someone. Literally I’m going crazy.” Tiffany is stuck between a rock and a hard place since Erica thinks they’re really friends. “You need to wake up. I didn’t do all this s— for nothing,” she said. Rich admits that he appreciates Tiffany for spying on Erica for her. “You got me watching Erica, but you still rocking with her. You think that’s fair to me?” Tiffany wants him to pull her out because she feels she’s in too deep. As she cries Rich wants to know how he can fix it. “I want you to stop f—- with Erica.” He says she’s right and he’ll shut it down. “You’ve equipped me with the information that’s ultimately led to the decision that has to be made. And shorty has to go,” he said. This makes Tiffany very happy, but we can guess who won’t be so happy.


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