Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking


Lawd. We don’t know how Kaylin‘s going to react to Joe telling her he’s going to the Dominican Republic with Tahiry. “She told me that she was going to the Dominican Republic,” he said. “And what does that have to do with you?” Kaylin asked. Good question. “I’m not certain that me and Tahiry aren’t in love with each other.” Telling your current girlfriend who lives with you that you may still be in love with your ex is worthy of a “Oh, hell no” moment. To add more salt to injury he tells her, “I’m going with or without your consent.” Kaylin remains calm although she’s hurt. “Say if you come back and you say, ‘Listen, Tahiry and I are still in love,’ where the f— do I go?” “This is going to sound really heartless, but that’s not going to make me stay right now.” Kaylin supports his decision in the end, but what other choice does she have? He was going to go anyway and she has no other place to live. Raise two hands if you want Kaylin to put her foot down and wild out.


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