Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking


Yandy’s mind is running a million miles a minute since the federal agents showed up at her house looking for Mendeecees. Kimbella shows up to be her shoulder to lean on. “We have no idea,” Yandy says. “I can’t fathom waking up and he’s not here. I can’t fathom not talking to him all day everyday.” Yandy’s an emotional mess. Luckily Kimbella’s there to comfort her.


Tahiry’s in her native country and feeling good. After telling the kids from her charity to stay in school she realizing they’re helping her.When night falls she partakes in a candlelight dinner on the beach with Mr. Ex. “Don’t try to act like you’re not happy I’m here,” Joe says. He’s there to psychoanalyze her. It’s your issues! It’s you! It’s not me! “I don’t think you’ve ever accepted, nor my dad ever accepted responsibility for any of the stuff,” she said. “This is wrong…you have a girlfriend. Why don’t you speak the truth? Maybe I’ll be a lot nicer to you,” she says. Tahiry is over Joe’s manipulation and tells him to catch the next flight home. But in typical Joe fashion he walks away first.


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