Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking


Olivia and Jewel (Rich’s mom) are meeting with him for an intervention. “This is really an intervention,” says Olivia. “You need to be reeled in. You’re out of control,” his mom adds. Of course Rich thinks they’ve blown it all out of proportion. “Your life is falling to s—. That’s what your life is.” Olivia tells him. Olivia is not happy Rich is still sleeping with Erica. Although he claims he’s broken up with her he doesn’t see the problem in backsliding occasionally. “I thought that’s what everybody does with exes,” he said. “Clearly everybody still sleeps with Erica,” Liv says. Rich explains the situation between Tiffany and Erica. “You the person that wash your hands 20 times a day. So you good sleeping with this dirty bitch knowing she do what she do?” Olivia asks. Liv is going for the jugular. Rich’s mom steps in saying what he’s doing is morally wrong. “Why do you still have sex with Erica?” “Because she’s using me so I’m using her back.” Erica’s going to blow a gasket. Liv gives Rich an ultimatum. She’s not here for the self-destruction that is Erica Mena and she says she’s out if he doesn’t stop messing with her. “I can’t keep doing this with you either, Rich,” his mom says. “Y’all win. There’s no more Erica Mena in nobody’s life,” he gives in. Everyone’s happy.


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