Love And Hip Hop – Episode 11 – When The Feds Come Knocking


Yandy’s making breakfast for the family on Mendeecees goes in for questioning about the charges brought against him. Mendeecees puts on a matching sweater with his seven year old. “It looks perfectly,” Yandy says. Mendeecees has to talk to his son about the possibility of not seeing him for awhile. “But what does that mean?” his son asks. He hugs his son tightly and cries. His son teases him so he quickly wipes his eyes. “I’m not crying,” he said. Mendeecees wants to get it over with because he may not go the longer they wait. One thing that can never be questioned is: Mendeecees’s love for his children.


“Worst case scenario: if you don’t turn around and walk right back out, what does that mean?” He tells her that means he would be fighting the case. “I’m so heartbroken,” Yandy said. Mendeecees doesn’t want Yandy to wait for him if he goes to jail. “I want you happy even if it ain’t with me,” he tells Yandy. Yandy won’t hear any of it. She’s going to stay with her man. “I feel like a failure,” he says.


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