The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 11: Love Wants To Eat Carla


Big Ang’s Fashion Sense

Mob Wives Episode 11 Big Ang's Black Hat

Drita and Big Ang used Carla’s wine even to assess the Love situation and tell their friend point blank that she should be scared. Ang always knows just what to say AND just what to wear for an important conversation: black means what she’s about to tell you is serious, while that low-hanging brim helps her hide her face if she’s said too much and needs a quick getaway. Drita, meanwhile, remains focused on her wine glass (whatever gets you through the night).

Mob Wives Episode 11 Big Ang, Drita, Carla

Will Carla and Love ever meet? Will Ang and Drita invite us for a day of pampering and drinking now that they’re business neighbors? Tune in next Sunday to find out.

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