No FOMO: Find Out What Goes Down On The Gossip Game


“Media is changing at this point,” said Sharon Carpenter, on why she chose to be on The Gossip Game. “I think there’s a demand from the audience to know more about the people they’re getting their information from.” A host and reporter for Global Grind, Carpenter is also a co-creator of the show, and if our crystal ball is working properly, might be in a bit of hot water with the blogger community after comments she makes in the show’s first episode.

“At the end of the day, I’m saying things that other people are thinking, and maybe they’re afraid to say it,” the UK journalist explained to us. “There are bloggers who just write their opinion, and that’s fine. As somebody who was trained to report on stories, those people who report misinformation I can’t really have a lot of respect for.” And that’s just skimming the surface, y’all.


Scoop-hunters JasFly, Vivian Billings and Ms. Drama come out of the gate swinging in the show’s premiere, too, the latter letting the name-calling fly (“ratchet” being the word of choice) in attempt to speak her piece. Still, Scott-Young believes The Gossip Game to be an honest, positive account of female interaction in a hyper-competitive field. “I think what we set out to do was get a true depiction, a true portrayal of their lives, and I would think that these women would think that their lives are positive,” she explained. “I just think I just approach these from a nonjudgmental stand point, and who am I to say what they’re experiencing is or isn’t positive? It is what it is, it’s their lives.”

All this, and with zinging one-liners, appearances from Funkmaster Flex, Ebro Darden, Kendrick Lamar, Star (of Star and Buc Wild) and Kim Osorio’s delightfully fresh hubby, Kino, we highly suggest not sleeping on the Gossip Game.

[Photos: James Pray/Terrence Jennings]

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