Winter Ramos Talks Past Affairs With Rappers In Game Over



It was Lil Wayne who declared “I ain’t got no worries,” but it’s Winter who’s seriously worry free about any backlash from her upcoming book Game Over: My Love for Hip-Hop. And just in case anyone’s feeling a little froggy she’s changed her cell number.

After reading Game Over (Life Changing Books) we were bubbling over with questions for the Love and Hip Hop reality star. For every question we asked she had an answer. Winter was not afraid to spill the tea. After it was spilled she left it on the floor for everyone to do what they will. In last week’s interview she set the record straight on her and Lore’l‘s friendship. In the second half of our chat she talks more about her relationships with some of hip-hop’s most valuable players. One thing that remains the same: The players may change, but the game stays the same. Even when it’s over.

VH1: In your book you have no problem naming the rappers you’ve been with. Were you scared of backlash?

Winter: Not scared. I knew people were going to be upset. I knew people may have even wanted to have a conversation with me prior, but again, it’s all the truth. These are the things that happened and I’m not trying to blast anyone because at the end of the day I’m not telling what anyone did if it didn’t have anything to do with me. Everything that I told was about me. I didn’t say, ‘Well I saw this one over there doing this.’ If it didn’t have anything to do with me I didn’t mention it.

VH1: Have you received calls from any of the rappers who aren’t happy with being mentioned in your book?

Winter: No because my number has changed. [laughs]

VH1: Have you heard word that some of them are trying to get in touch with you about it?

Winter: I’m sure they are but there’s no way [to]. I’m not in New York. I’m not outside I’m not out and about, I’m not at the events, I’m not at the parties, I’m not at the industry functions.

VH1: If someone questions the validity of all your claims are you ready to show proof?

Winter: Of course! No one can say that they didn’t. There were people around; there were people that were always around. You’re in this industry and it’s never just you and one person. There’s always a situation where someone knows or someone knew you had a conversation with someone. None of these situations were ever top secret.

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