Winter Ramos Talks Past Affairs With Rappers In Game Over



VH1: What’s your response to people who may call you a groupie or a gold-digger?

Winter: Whatever! It’s so funny because the other day I was thinking about when these guys get on their songs and they name names and they say what they’ve done to these girls no one ever questions what happened to the girl. These girls could be someone’s mother, this young lady could be a student, she could be someone who had a head on her shoulders who thought maybe she was in love and got caught up in the mix because he sold her a dream. No one asks what happens to her or who she really is. All people are concerned about is “ooh he got her,” and labeling her. It’s not fair

VH1: So the degrading labels people may give you because of this book don’t bother you at all?

Winter: Never!

VH1: You seem like as long as you’re getting yours you couldn’t care less.

Winter: When you’re in a relationship with someone or you’re dating someone who is of a certain caliber it’s interesting that you see him in the club and he spends ten thousand dollars on a stripper or eight thousand dollars on champagne, but if you ask him for a thousand dollars for a bill or to buy yourself a bag or car or something like that you automatically become a gold-digger.

VH1: You named mostly everyone except Big Money. His identity was obvious to us, but why’d you chose not to name him?

Winter: I knew he would be upset and I didn’t want to upset him because I felt like he had already asked me when it was time to film. He said, “You know I don’t want no part of it,” and I I can respect that. So I left it at that.

VH1: It’s interesting that you have that sort of loyalty towards him knowing that other guys would also be upset, but you still named them. Is it because you’re still friends, or is it because of business?

Winter: No, not even that. It was a special. It was a special situation and I don’t want to ruin [it].

VH1: Do you think the R&B singer he left you for knew about the two of you?

Winter: I’m sure she didn’t. I’m sure later on down the line she got it. Any woman in that situation shouldn’t think that that’s not the case but me specifically I doubt it.

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