The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 12: Walking The F–K Away


Mob Wives Episode 12 Love And Ramona

All’s been quiet on Mob Wives of late–too quiet. While Love and Carla continue to talk about each other to everyone around them, there haven’t been any face-to-face screaming matches, save for Ramona and Karen‘s familial bickering. It feels about time for someone–or something–to explode, and because all good fight take place in a public arena, enter Karen’s prenup party.

This kind of soiree is admittedly not your mother’s party, nor something every marrying woman agrees with. “I never did a prenup because I spend all the money,” says Big Ang, while Renee reminds her gal pals that they don’t do “prenup, post-nup, anything nups” in this lifestyle. Getting “knocked up,” in case you’re wondering, is all good–just ask Grandma Ang! Read more…

Still, we all like a reason to come together and nosh, and the Mob Wives love a party they can upstage with some yelling. “It can go from a party to a brawl really quick with this crew.” That would be Carla “Soothsayer” Facciolo to you.

Read on for our favorite moments from a particularly fiery penultimate episode.

Carla Loves “Love” (Whether She Realizes It Or Not)
Mob Wives Episode 12 Carla's Love T-Shirt

Carla might be sick of talking about the “storytelling, lying witch,” but her lounge wear certainly suggests otherwise. When Big Ang came over for lunch and chitchat (neither of which were all too fulfilling for Ms. Raiola) Carla launched into a Fatal Attraction-esque story from Love’s past… all while decked out in “Love” from head to toe.

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