The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 12: Walking The F–K Away


The Prenup Party

We don’t want to encourage unnecessary fighting, but it felt a bit satisfying to finally see what everyone has been saying about Love. The woman whose loose temper may or may not be attributed to recent head injury absolutely exploded on one of Ramona’s friends (who likes to call herself her “sis”), provoked in turn by the fact that she had to hear about her longtime amigo’s upcoming wedding through the grapevine. Friendships can be more stressful than romantic relationships, and here’s yet another reason why. The subsequent scene affects all the ladies (“Can we have at least one party where everybody’s normal?), but at least Drita remembers what’s important: “Do I have to f–king fight right now? Because I’m wearing f–king really expensive shoes.”

Will Love settle down in time for the season finale, or is this just the beginning of her erratic behavior?

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