Love And Hip Hop – Season Finale – When It All Falls Down



Love and Hip Hop is wrapping the season with a few doors being closed as other windows open up. From the fights to the broken friendships to old flames rekindled, the cast held no punches. No pun intended. Get into the recap of the season finale to find out if some of your burning questions were answered.

Joe‘s back from the Dominican Republic and has to break the news to Kaylin that he and Tahiry may have unfinished business. “I was going f—- crazy,” Kaylin tells Joe. “You’ve been strong,” he tells her. As Kaylin anxiously awaits to hear how his trip with Tahiry was he informs her there’s no clear cut answer to whether or not he’s still in love. However, he does let her know the trip was amazing. Kaylin wants to know where he stands with Tahiry and where they stand as a couple. Joe’s response, “Good question. Let’s pray on it.” Kaylin, girl, we have a prayer for you. Pray to be released from the hold Joe has on you and RUN.


Tahiry recaps her trip to DR for Rashidah, but Rah only wants to know two things: “Did you guys kiss? Did you guys f—?” Way to cut to the chase. “You know what Rah? I kind of think that maybe I’m not all the way done with Joe.” Tahiry isn’t telling Rah anything she didn’t know already. “How long do you think it’s gonna be before you guys are having a little Joey Jr.?” A little Joe-hiry running around, eh? The kid would be cute as all heck but first Joe has to figure out what he’s doing in his current relationship.


At Erica‘s lipstick launch party Rich decides to tell her he’s not happy that she hooked up with Tiffany. But if they’re broken up, why would it matter? “I’m feeling a way about opportunities I’ve given you to come clean about a bunch of s— that you’ve yet to come clean about.” In Erica’s mind she’s told him everything he needs to know. Meanwhile Rich is feeling like the whole relationship is a lie. “You told me you don’t f— with girls no more but you do,” he said. When he brings up Tiffany’s name Erica’s whole demeanor changes. Erica is holding on tight to the lie that her relationship with Tiffany is all hearsay. Problem with that is Tiffany is at the party. “You want like an acknowledgement of me smashing you?” Erica asks. “You a b— from the projects and you here up like you somebody,” Erica continues.

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