Yandy Gives Us The Scoop On Love, The Drama And Her Business Savvy



When Yandy isn’t giving the illest side-eye to the cast Love and Hip Hop she’s running her online magazine Everything Girls Love, a full-time mommy, a manager and holding down her man Mendeecees. There’s been a lot said about Yandy but we bypassed all the gossip and went straight to the source. It’s easy to tell why Yandy’s a fan favorite after chatting with her. She holds no punches with a pinch of class.

VH1: Happy Belated Birthday!

Yandy: Thank you so much! Thank you very much.

VH1: How did you celebrate yesterday?

Yandy: You know what, honestly, I’ve been working so hard. There have been no weekends off because I’ve been booked every Friday, Saturday, Sunday for the past two months. For my birthday I didn’t want to host a party, I didn’t want to go to the office, I didn’t want to pick up a phone call for work. I just wanted to be at home and relax. And that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t leave my house. I didn’t get out my bed until 2 pm. It was a great day.

VH1: Let’s talk about the reunion. You kept it very cute & classy as always. Is it hard to do that sometimes with all the drama?

Yandy: You know what, it really isn’t. It’s hard personally because sometimes I just want to stranglecertain people. But when I think about everybody that’s watching, and I think about theyoung girls,I think about my mom and my dad that I gotta answer to, and I think about Omare that I’m gonna have to answer to, it’s not hard – when you put it in that type of perspective. It’s not hard. Nobody matters to me that much tolose my cool, or hurtmy brand.They don’t matter that much.

VH1: Do you prep in any way for reunions?

Yandy: Besides trying to calm your stomach butterflies, no, there’s no way to prep at all. Besides making sure your outfit is right. You never know what they’re gonna throw at you, you never know what somebody’s gonna ask, especially when theyact up. They bringup everything – they don’thold anything back at the reunion shows.

VH1: How are you juggling the baby, your business and being on TV. How do you balance it all?

Yandy: I’m learning everyday. It’s been eight months now and I’m just learning. He comes to the office all the time, he comes to the studio and I started taping something else and he was on set with me. I had my babysitter on set with me a couple days, but I really like to have him around me. As long as it’s safe and it’s a good environment he’ll most likelybe with me. I take him everywhere, girl.

VH1: That’s the beauty of working for yourself.

Yandy: Yes, definitely. You know, that’s what I don’t understand. I don’t know how moms that have to be at the office by 8, get on the train, take the bus to the train, come home, cook dinner and then do it all again do it. When I tell youI take my hat offto single mothers, I take my whole entire hat, shoes, I take my whole outfit offfor single moms because I don’t I don’t understand how it goes down.

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