Yandy Gives Us The Scoop On Love, The Drama And Her Business Savvy



VH1: This season I noticedyou were everyone’s counselor because everyone came to you for advice. You’re pretty cool with most of the cast. Was it hard to give unbiased advice since you had relationships and friendships with some of the people they were coming to you to talk about?

Yandy: Yeah it was because with these shows they’re [the cast] going to see it and we’re friends. So, it was just kind of hard to – especially when I’d have to talk to Erica about Rich. That was kind of hard. They don’t really show my relationship with Tahiry on the show, but when I have to talk to Raqi about Tahiry, these are all conversations that we’ve had off-camera as well. And I like Tahiry a lot so trying to help Raqi through how she was feeling, but having to do it on-camera, it was hard because you don’t want to say anything that’s gonna offend anybody yet you wanna keep it real. A lot of times the person you’re talking to – they’re wrong. I had to tell Raqi one day, “Listen, maybe it’s not everybody else that’s the problem if you’re having problems with everybody.” And that was a hard conversation to have with her on-camera because I didn’t want to make her feel bad in front of the world.

VH1: You also gave both Erica and Rich advise about mixing business with pleasure. Do you think there’s a situation of mixing business with pleasure can ever work?

Yandy: I do. I just think with limitations. I would say you should never be a manager of your client because I just feel when you come home – if you’re a manager – what else is there to talk about besides work? Management is so demanding. It’s a 24 hour job. My clients call me whenever, however, how often they want. And when you’re a manager you should be able to comehome and that’s home time. It’s not work and manager time.

VH1: Who are you closest to this season?

Yandy: I would say I’m closest with probably Olivia or Raqi, and I’m also getting pretty close with Lore’l now as well. The other girls I met through the show. I didn’t know Tahiry before the show. I didn’t know Jen the Pen, I didn’t know any of them.

VH1: Are you still managing Lore’l?

Yandy: Yes.

VH1: You handled the situation with Winter really well. Do you still feel like she was wrong for going to tell Rashidah what was said behind closed doors?

Yandy: People make mistakes and I feel like she made one. But why would I think not when she’s writing a tell-all book. I don’t even know if she saw anything wrong with it even after I said that to her. Stuff like that can cause unnecessary drama, especially when somebody is joking or playing or it’s an inside joke among friends. Leave it there. You don’t go and try to start stuff, especially when you know I’m not for the drama, ever. That was just inappropriate.

VH1: Winter told us that Mendeecees was disrespectful toward you for telling you to your face he and Rashidah had sex. Do you agree?

Yandy: Absolutely not. Not when we’ve had a conversation about it previously. There were no secrets in that. We had a conversation prior to, and it was said that she got casted for the show because she was saying she dated him in the past. I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know this girl. Who’s this girl you dated?’ He was like, ‘Dated? I ain’t date that girl.’ We had justhad that conversation and that’s why he joked on camera, like, ‘Oh, ya boo? That’s who this is, yaboo.’ And that’s when he was like, “No, Yandy. You already know she’s not my boo.” It was an inside joke between he and I, and Winter who we thought was cool, she just took it out of place.

VH1: How do you feel about Rashidah?

Yandy: You know, honestly, I have no feelings. I really don’t. She’s not someone I know. She’s not someone that I have a relationship with so I have no feelings at all about her.

VH1: Do you think it was appropriate for her to approach you about something your man allegedly said, or do you think she should have taken that up with him?

Yandy: Well, I mean, of course she shouldn’t have, but I’m glad she did because I’d a woman come to me rather than my man any day. Let me handle anything that has to deal with him when there’s a woman involved. So I was fine with that. But we’ve seen each other several times – we’ve seen each other at Christmas parties, we’ve seen each other at barbeques – there are just other times where she could have approached me when the cameras weren’t rolling. To wait and then at your shoe event I would’ve preferred for you to get the publicity about your shoes. But that whole episode was about me. She’s finally not just Tahiry’s friend. You have a scene, make it about your shoes, not about Yandy. I just felt like, ‘Damn, what a wasted opportunity.”

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