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VH1: Speaking of Mendeecees, was it hard to show the highs and lows of your relationship?

Yandy: No. It wasn’t hard because we’re all human, and we’ve all been in relationships that you have to fight for and work through, and he was open about him not being the man he needed to be, but I wasn’t always the woman I needed to be for this relationship. It took us time. It took some years to get where we are today and it wasn’tonly him. He just was easy to talk about it, moreso than me. It got us to a place that helped us to be stronger. I’m not gonna sit here and say my stuff didn’t stink in the past, or it wasn’t always perfect because it wasn’t.

VH1: People may look at your situation andsay, “Yandy comes from a good family with a religious mom, attended college and have been hustling ever since. How does this business savvy chick get withsomeone like Mendeecees?’

Yandy: With me it was about a connection beyond your accolades, beyond degrees. I fell in love him – I didn’t fall in love with just like he fell in love with me. He didn’t fall in love with the fact that I worked here, I worked there, I had this, I had that, and vice versa. I fell in love with him. We went through several break ups for several months at a time – sometimes a year or so at a time. A lot of it had to do with us getting past the facade, and getting past a lot of the outside influences, and just dealing with each other’s hearts. And once we did that we just fell even more in love.

VH1: How long have you guys been together?

Yandy: Well, it depends on what you mean by “together.” We met seven years ago, but when we met I had a boyfriend. I always knew when I met him it was like love at first sight so we remained friends for two years before we officially became an item. I’ll admit when we first met I had a boyfriend, but I still exchanged numbers and kept in contact and we would talk all the time. I couldn’t really get into a relationship becauseI had a full blown relationship.

VH1: You’re so honest about the ups and downs.

Yandy: I can’t front like it’s all him because I’ve definitely played my part. He used to be like, “Yandy, when you gonna break up with that man of yours? How long until you break up with that man?” I’ve played my part.

VH1: Rashidah has alluded to your relationship being for the camera or there being some demons from Mendeecees past. Can you elaborate on that?

Yandy: I wish she could tell me what she’s talking about because I don’t know. I don’t know her at all. I don’t know that girl from a can of paint. I heard about her when we started the show. I think that when women see that you’re happy, and you’re in love that’s what they do. People hate for no reason. Trust and believe anything that needed to come up throughout all these years would have, especially with him being on TV. And you know what? To be honest with you they might – even more things might come up that people make up or wanna bring up to discredit what we have, but as long as it’s not affecting me, don’t allow it to affect y’all. Who knows what people gonna bring up about me.

VH1: How’d you get your business sense?

Yandy: I don’t know if it was something that was just embedded in me from childhood to have your money and your business straight, but it’s important to me. It’s important for me to be independent, it’s always been important for me to have my own. Even when I was in college I went to school full-time and I worked full-time. When I was in high school I interned. I got a scholarship from the Gap for collegebecause I interned all four years of high school. It’s just always something that has been important to my mom and my dad to have your own. I seen them do it so it’s only right that I did for myself as well.

VH1: How has this show helped or hurt your business?

Yandy: Oh, it’s been great for my business, hence the reason why I come back. The show is just one of my businesses, but it has expanded my brand tremendously. No one knew who Yandy was as a manager or as a magazine owner. No one knew anything about me. But this show kind of put it out there, so it has helped me to expand in different areas. Now I’m hosting events, I’m speaking at colleges, speaking at high schools and these are all checks that might not have come had I not done the show. The show for me was just kind of a means to an end to get to another place. I think a lot of the reason I don’t get so excited about the comments [from cast members]. At the end of the day this is just another check. It’s not my only check – it’s anothercheck. For somepeople this is their only check so theygotta pull all the stops, they have to wild out, do crazy outrageous thingsso they can get another season. I don’t have to. If I don’t have another season of Love and Hip Hop it does not stop anything. It won’t stop the way I live, it won’t stop the car that I drive. It doesn’t stop anythingatall from mylife. That’s why Ipay itno attention.

VH1: Do you think you will come back for another season?

Yandy: I don’t know. It depends on if there’s a role for me, ifI can fit in with some of the other people. I don’t know where it’s going.

VH1: Maybe a spin-off for you and Mendeecees.

Yandy: That would be amazing. That would be more up my alley. I would love that. I don’t mind doing the reality TV thing I just want to make sure it’s helping my brand and that it’s not going to hurt it in anyway.

VH1: Tell me about Everything Girls Love. I know that it’s near and dear to your heart.

Yandy: It is. Everything Girls Love is near and dear to my heart. I actually started that company when I got cast for the show. It first started just as an accessories line and people loved the accessory line, but what I noticed was when I put up my contact information I got so many inquiries about, “I’m in a relationship and I wanted to know how you got into the field,” or “I need tax advice.” So I started the magazine becausewomen just need some guidance. So some of my friends werewriters for different publications, I called them and we got some other writers to take part in it.

VH1: That’s so dope. What else isgoing on with you?

Yandy: I have EGL. I also recentlybecame the ambassador for My Extensions hairline. I have my Black Enterprise stuff that I’m doing. I have management of course, that won’t ever go anywhere. AndI was mad at the reunion show when theyasked me, “So what do you have going on?” I was like, ‘Oh,just lovingmy baby.’ I was like ‘Ugh, why didI answer that questionlike thatwith all of the things [I have going on].’ I’m shooting another show which I can’t really tell you about yet, but I’m shooting something else.

VH1: Okay, is it with VH1?

Yandy: Oh, no. It’s actually a mini-series. It’swith the movie director that I’ve worked with for Life, Love, Soul. We’re shooting a mini-series that we’re gonna pitch, actually. That’s justbeen taking a lot of mytimeright now. There’s a lotgoing on. I might as well do it all now whileI’m young, right?

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