The Best Quotes And Moments From Love And Hip Hop Reunion Part I



It was the Rashidah show when it comes to one-liner one hitter quitters on part one of the Love and Hip Hop reunion. Rashidah threw the most jaw dropping laugh out loud darts of the night, and she was unstoppable. Usually Erica‘s temper is on 150 allowing her to have the upper hand (because she’s the loudest). The tables were turned when an emotional Erica fell apart as Rich, Rich’s mom and Olivia let her have a dose of her own medicine. All night Erica was fighting back tears.

Rashidah and Erica may have owned the night for better or for worse, but there were several glorious moments, tea spilled and quotables for days. Our reunion recap is broken down by the best quotes of the night. Any of your favorites not make the list? Add your own in the comments section!


“What I chose to do was kind of use Yandy as a messenger service like UPS or FED EX.”

“I don’t want to kick you when you down. Let’s box toe to toe while you up.”

Mendeecees, however, it was shocking to me that he would ever mention me because he had one of the smallest penises I’ve ever seen on a human being. Yandy, Yandy, can you not attest to that?”



“The reason I called you a clown is because clowns do things that are inappropriate. That’s what makes them clowns.”



Winter‘s only friend is Winter. And money.”

“You sleep with everybody dude. You sleeping with your friend baby father right now. Probably why you pregnant.”

“Exactly. She wants me to be a prostitute like her.”

“She’ll be hearing from my lawyer. I really do hope you make a lot of money ‘casue we gon’ make a lot of money together. Thank you.”


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