EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Raqi Recalls Jen Saying She Got With A Rapper So She Could ‘Have A Black Baby’



Raqi has absolutely no desire to make up with the slew of enemies she made on her first season as a reality star on Love and Hip Hop. Raqi was by no means innocent in the drama that followed her everywhere she went, but what’s Raqi’s side? During part one of the reunion Mona Scott Young got sassy with her after a heated exchange between Raqi and Rashidah. Raqi can’t seem to catch a break. Backstage at the reunion we pressed record so she could speak her peace. And boy did she speak. Raqi shot canon balls Jen and Consequence’s way. She had some nice things to say about Joe and revealed what her 10 year career was before the cameras start rolling. Raqi held no prisoners.

VH1: Your argument with Rashidah at the charity event was a big moment this season. Why didn’t you just walk away?

Raqi: I was trying to get down to what the real issue is with this girl. She has some phantom beef with me via Tahiry or whatever it is ’cause supposedly I slept with whoever, so I wanted to find out what the real point is of her beef.

VH1: Your reputation has come up a lot. How do you feel about being considered “industry p—y?”

Raqi: It’s extremely annoying. It’s probably one of my biggest fears. I’ve been in and around this industry for 11 years now, and I’ve worked extremely hard. My name has not appeared on a blog, on a tabloid, Media Takeout or anything. I’ve been around at the biggest events of the upper echelon for years, so for someone to belittle me and say that I’m here now because I slept my way to the top, that’s really just a reflection of their mentality because I absolutely don’t even believe that you can do that. You have to have some kind of talent attached to you. It’s very frustrating because I work hard as a dog. So it’s bothersome, but at this point it’s just like let’s just let the simpletons believe that if they choose it and let that be a reflection of themselves. We can deflect all day long – it’s not true.

VH1: Out of everybody it seemed like you’d be able to make up with Jen. Do you think you guys could have a relationship now?

Raqi: No. Throughout the process of filming this show, I had already seen her self-entitlement. I never use the word racist when I spoke about her, but I definitely think she’s a supremacist. I definitely think she has issues with colorism that goes as far back as her man Consequence with his “light skin is the right skin/you and your white friend” specifically. I’m a woman of color and that has been my goal my entire life to make sure that we’re all on a united front, so as I said in that episode, I’m raising a young black man so to know that this is something that he will have to continue going through with colorism – no, I can’t.

VH1: What did you think about her response the night that it aired when she said, “I can’t possibly be racist I’m married to a black man and I have black baby?”

Raqi: Listen, the problem I have with her is – even in her rebuttals on Twitter– she said something like, “Raqi was trying to use my race to get put on” which is basically the same thing she said, but just in different words. I would never think a white person could get a job over me in urban radio. I was trying to extend my hand, I was trying to do something different, I was trying to get two different perspectives from two totally different women, two totally different cultures. I used the statement “she can white my wrongs.” What I meant by that was that white woman or just uncolored women have a luxury of saying whatever it is they wanna say, for instance, in one of the episodes she said, “Oh, you could be a hoe. I’m a hoe. We’re all hoes.” Nobody batted an eyelash, but if I said it as a woman of color then I’m hit with the stigma and I’m stoned. There’s Jenny McCarthy who now has a show on VH1 – she could stick her tongue in someone’s ear, and no one would think anything of it. Meek Mill has a song: “white girls, we don’t judge ‘em we don’t judge ‘em.” So, what I was trying to do was present the other side of the coin by bringing her to Hot 97 and I think I went around the question.

What was the question? I spoke to the producers about not wanting to deal with her, and not wanting to do the Hot 97 thing with her because she said things like, “Oh, Raqi, are you always this brown? Because I go tanning. That’s why I got with a black rapper so I can have a black baby.” Then with the Hot 97 ordeal the first thing she said to Vado when he walked in was, “I didn’t know who you were, but you look like a f—-g black rugby player.” I almost choked on my tongue. She had used the black card several times prior to dropping the white card. If you research her online she has a video with Young Berg who said he doesn’t deal with darks butts and her response to that was, “I can get in his pool ’cause I’m lightskin.” She goes on to say, “Oh, I’m 50 Cent’s favorite white girl.” So, she’s very entitled. I think Consequence is breeding a rough dog.

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