EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Raqi Recalls Jen Saying She Got With A Rapper So She Could ‘Have A Black Baby’



VH1: What did you think of you and Consequence’s interaction in the studio?

Raqi: I went to the studio with full intentions on apologizing sincerely for saying what I said, and I explained to him – which obviously was edited out – in the midst of that argument with Jen he was collateral damage. I really did not think of him. I went totally blind at that moment. I wasn’t even thinking about him. If her man is Billy Bob Joe I would’ve took that to the grave and said the same exact s—. But when it hit me I thought, “Oh s—, her man is Consequence.” He ended up in my cross hairs, and that was that. He didn’t bat an eyelash about her saying she’ll get the job before me ‘cause she’s white ’cause that’s what he’s breeding. He’s training her that way. Uncle Tom of the show. I’m sure he’s glad that his child is lightskin. He’s just disgusting to me.

VH1: What’s your relationship with Joe now?

Raqi: We’ve made amends. He’s come full circle with his drug issues which made him a person I didn’t really know. So, our friendship isn’t exactly what it was, and I don’t think it’d ever be, but I’m elated that he’s back to good health and hopefully sound mind.

VH1: Is there anyone you’re not looking forward to seeing today?

Raqi: About 97 percent of the cast. I’d like to not have my eyes burned by Rashidah– I don’t want to see her a–. Tahiry. I would love to just sit there with Yandy and Lore’l.

VH1: Are those the two people that you consider friends?

Raqi: Yes, absolutely. Yandy’s a great adviser and mentor. She’s as sweet as pie, and her work ethic is incredible. She’s just a great support system. Lore’l and I bonded during the show and it’s really fun ’cause she and I probably thought that we wouldn’t get along. She’s tough and I’m tough and we’re kind of stand-offish, but we got to bond with each other. She’s super cool.

VH1: You showed little emotion this season. Does it bother you that you have problems with so much of the cast?

Raqi: I have problems with the whole dynamic of the show not being played out. I have a problem with there being big chunks of dialogue being cut out because it looks like I’m constantly angry. I don’t live my life drama-full, but I am very much an extremist. I either f– with you or I don’t.

VH1: Do you think any of the beefs are legit?

Raqi: I think Tahiry has a really deep rooted jealousy and low self-esteem issue, so I’m sure she hates my f— guts. I’m very indifferent when it comes to her. I don’t deal with s— at all. Rashidah is very made up. The girl is begging for camera time, and I’m sure she’s begging for a check next season – she’s not getting one this season. Consequence, he don’t really want it. Jen, she don’t really want it. So no.

VH1: You have a child, right?

Raqi: I do.

VH1: And you shielded him from this.

Raqi: He doesn’t even watch the show. He just turned 16.

VH1: He could Google it.

Raqi: He definitely could. He actually watched the first episode ‘cause he was curious. I asked him not to, but I asked him to be honest if he wanted to and he did watch it and after that he said, “You know what, I don’t feel like it represents my mom.” My son and his friends know Raqi – Raquel – who picks up the whole football team and brings them back to the house and bakes cookies, goes to Wendy’s, I order pizza, I DJ for them while they’re playing Madden, so what’s on TV is offensive to them because they don’t know that person. I live in an area where the tax bracket of people there actually have lives, and they play sports, and have social activities, so they’re not in front of a TV all day.

VH1: What do you think about your season in comparison to Atlanta?

Raqi: Oh my God, I love Atlanta. I can’t lie. Joseline Hernandez, baby! I’m a super fan. I love her! She’s a character. Stevie J is a character. I’m disappointed in Joe’s role ‘cause in real life Joe is a funny, funny dude, and I’m not getting that from him. He’s so monotone, but I think that has something to do with him detoxing or something. But I love Atlanta.

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