EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Raqi Recalls Jen Saying She Got With A Rapper So She Could ‘Have A Black Baby’



VH1: Do you have any regrets about how you were portrayed this season?

Raqi: (laughs) I wish I would’ve been a little more tempered. They can’t edit whatever you don’t give them. I didn’t realize the process that they can edit out the other side of the argument. What you guys see is a lot of me losing my mind, but you don’t know how I got there, you don’t know why I’m so mad. You just see someone angry, you just see someone you think is bitter or just pissed off for no reason. No, there is definitely reason.

VH1: Are you dating?

Raqi: Am I dating? Am I dating, Natasha? What does that mean? What does that mean? I only have $140,000 of diamonds [on]. Yes, I’m dating.

VH1: Super low-key?

Raqi: Super low-key! See, that’s the thing. I stopped dating rappers when I was 23, 24. I don’t date rappers now. They’re child’s play. When I did that it was for fun. You don’t f— rappers to wife ‘em, or be in a relationship. Most women who are in a relationship with rappers are doormats, and I will never be that. It doesn’t take a lot get wifed by a rapper. It’s the simplest sh– on Earth. All you have to do is be a low self-esteem doormat, have some artificial a– and boobs and you’re in there.

VH1: Were you in love with Joe?

Raqi: Absolutely not. Not at all. I love Joe dearly. I met Joe via radio and we were very combative in our ideas. We were constantly debating on things. He’s a mental warrior and there was definitely an attraction to that. There was also a very dark side to him where it was almost immediate that he knew, I knew, we’d never be anything.

VH1: When Tahiry was with him you were in his life and all of you were cool. I get the feeling the beef is more than what you guys are telling us.

Raqi: There were a couple of reasons, but there’s a major reason why we fell out. Joe is a trickster. He plays games, he manipulates situations and I overheard a conversation where she wasn’t talking about me in my best light so I was like, ‘F– you then.”

VH1: What’s next for you?

Raqi: Radio has changed so much. Journalism is just done. I think I’m kind of over the whole radio thing, and I’m going head-on with my DJing. Next week I’m actually on an all-female DJ tour. We’re stopping at South Carolina, then North Carolina and back to Houston, LA, then we’re thinking about going international.

VH1: So you really are a DJ and it wasn’t just for the show?

Raqi: Yeah, I really do DJ. I started playing around with DJ turntables a few years ago, but because I was on radio, and a radio personality, as a female I was told to stay in my lane. I kind of felt like I couldn’t do both. But I realized I could do whatever it is that I wanna do, and now my goals are actually changing. I don’t want to sit behind a mic and jock somebody. Actually DJing is a great job for me ‘cause I’m by myself – one man army.

VH1: You say you already had a real resume of working in this industry for 11 years.Why do the show now?

Raqi: I wanted no parts of reality TV ‘cause it was a lot of drama. I don’t live my life drama full, although it appears that I am. I had left my radio station, which was Hip Hop Nation, as a cohost of Green Lantern. Throughout all of this – for the last 10 years – I’ve been in finance. I’m a financial agent. I’m fully qualified to run a multimillion dollar hedgefund, which I was. I was a logistic manager to a CEO of a multimillion dollar hedge fund weeks before I started filming this show. I was finance agent by day, DJ/radio personality/host by night. I knew it was getting shaky at my finance job and I didn’t want to do it anymore. I didn’t want to wear stockings and suits to work anymore. I reached out to Mona because I’m not getting any younger. I said, ‘Let me dive in head first,’ and I went for it. And here I am.

[Photos: Jennine Cusimano and Instagram]

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