Tahiry On Why She Hasn’t Let Joe Go And Her Love For Love And Hip Hop Atlanta



VH1: How do you feel when you look back at the stuff and he makes it seem like you’re the one still trying to get on with him?

Tahiry: I have to remember that it’s an old episode. That’s why I acted all emotional the other day and actually instagramed the conversation where he was texting me because he sits around in interviews and he says stuff like, “My relationship is great and this and that and the third;” and behind the scenes it’s something different. One day I just got fed up and was like alright since you wanna act like you guys are all chilling and skipping to the rainbow, this is what’s really happening. I’m tired of looking like im the crazy one, like I am the bully like I am the one running after him. At some point you’re like enough.

VH1: It’s been eight years of up and down, back and forth, are you ever tired of it?

Tahiry: Of course! I’m human. I’m sure he has been sick of it too. We go back and forth through friendship, we question getting back together a few times. At some point that’s why we stay away if I can’t deal I’ll disappear, I don’t answer his texts, his phone calls, his anything and I’m sure he goes through his couple months then he comes back for another dose. Even in friendship it’s just been really, really hard to figure out.

VH1: It seems like you put him before yourself.

Tahiry: I did, I have.

VH1: Why?

Tahiry: I can’t explain it. Love him to death, so I can’t explain what I have. Today though, I don’t.

VH1: People on Twitter always want to find you a “good” man. Do you understand why people feel that way?

Tahiry: Absolutely! I mean they’re watching the show. He really drives my blood pressure. And they see me going through the motions. I can understand from a female’s perspective and from a man’s perspective.

VH1: Right now you’re good?

Tahiry: I’m so busy at work. I’m always on the road or I’m taping or I’m in some kind of interview. There’s so much going on that even me trying to go on dates, it just never happens. I have to tell people don’t give up on me.

VH1: If you met somebody would you be willing to wash your hands with Joe–not even a friendship?

Tahiry: It’s not about me meeting somebody. It’s not that I haven’t met somebody and that’s why I haven’t washed my hands with Joe, that’s not it. Joey, we’re eventually going to have to figure out how we can coexist as people. You get what I’m saying? Joey is somebody who is going to be a part of my life. It’s probably going to be difficult if I start dating someone else because he would have to understand that and Joey would have to respect that also. The point is that me and Joey we’re always clashing or we’re trying to figure out our friendship. We don’t even know what’s happening. So that’s where we’re at today : we’re trying to figure it out so we can stop clashing.

VH1: That’s understandable.

Tahiry: I think that we’ve ran from this forever and now the show forced us to deal with this issue that we’ve been avoiding the last four years in between the relationships. My relationship with Joey doesn’t depend on me seeing anybody else.

VH1: How has the show changed the dynamic between the two of you?

Tahiry: It’s been very therapeutic for me because even in lashing out and putting out eventually I come to my senses and today we’re able to sit down and figure things out, and not argue about s— that happened seven years ago.

VH1: Does it make you more mad when you’re venting a point to him and he says, “Let’s just have a threesome?”

Tahiry: He’s been doing that forever, so now I’m hip to it and I point it out. You can do anything but throw me off my real conversation, and piss me off. I’m getting hip to not allowing him to get up under my skin.

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