An Ode To Ms. Drama’s Ode To Herself: Full Speech Transcript & Episode 3 Photos



“Do you think she’s ever performed oral sex… to completion?” That’s what Angela Yee asked Sharon Carpenter of Ms. Drama before “the queen” who “shall be respected” took us on a wild ride during her revealing party on last night’s episode of The Gossip Game.

After her own photo shoot took place earlier in the episode, Ms. Drama threw a party to celebrate the snapshots landing in a magazine, as well as re-branding herself and shedding light on the many facets of her budding media personality. Fellow cast members Angela and Sharon acted supportive to Drama’s face, but behind her back giggled at her party’s somewhat odd execution.

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Before we get to the moment where Drama grabbed the spotlight to deliver an unforgettable speech, let’s quickly discuss the Psych 101 implications here. The photos. The party. The pomp and circumstance. It all sort of reminds you of a little girl’s birthday party. There’s a childlike quality in Ms. Drama that you want to support because she hasn’t let anyone murder her confidence in adulthood, but then she does something that makes you wonder if she suffers more from delusions of grandeur than from a healthy dose of self-esteem.

But yeah, back to that speech. With lines executed in a lovely mix of old English and contemporary urbanese, it’s worth reading in the gallery above and watching on the next page.

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