Rashidah On Engagement, Her Problem With Yandy And Clearing Up All The Rumors


A prerequisite for being around Rashidah is laughing. It’s not that she has ridiculous rules for those who want to be in her presence, it’s just going to naturally happen because the chick is funny. Her candid thoughts–good, bad, indifferent–roll off her tongue without slight hesitation. In her shared dressing room with Tahiry, Rashidah was on a mission to clear up some misconceptions. No she was never an intern, and heartbroken over Mendeecees? Try again. Although she will set the record straight (and as your friend jump in your interview if you’re not keeping it 100 like she did Tahiry) she’s also the chick who makes everyone laugh effortlessly.

VH1: So I have to know…is the weave really $1,000 a bundle?

Rashidah: Wouldn’t you like to know! Wouldn’t you like to know! I’ll leave that for you to wonder. It’s one of those things that you don’t really want to give dialogue for because it ruins it.

VH1: You are the queen of reads. You will read somebody and never raise your voice above a whisper; and you always confront the person directly if there’s an issue. Do you think that is the best thing to do?

Rashidah: Yes, absolutely. I think when you have an issue with someone you should be able to deal with them directly. You shouldn’t have to use a middle man because sometimes they don’t get the point across the way you need to. But it’s a situation where they can’t mess up because it came directly from the horse’s mouth. I looked you directly in the eye and told you myself. There’s no surprises.

VH1: Did you feel like the charity event was the proper time or place to approach Raqi?

Rashidah: I thought it was as appropriate as when I spoke to Yandy at my shoe launch. You have to catch these b—s when you can. You have to see them when you see them. You know what I mean?

VH1: And it doesn’t matter where?

Rashidah: Nope.

VH1: Why did you feel like you needed to address Yandy about something her man said?

Rashidah: Well, I hadn’t seen him, and I know that they are one. They sleep in the same bed together, they have a child together, and I knew that anything I had to say to him — being that I hadn’t seen him — would get to him the quickest through her. She was just used as a messenger, so to speak.

VH1: Do you have a problem with Yandy?

Rashidah: I have a problem with anybody who disrespects me.

VH1: Okay, so is that a yes or no?

Rashidah: It’s not that I have a problem with her. It’s just I want to treat her the way she treats me.

VH1: Because of Mendecees?

Rashidah: Not just because of him. She had a lot to say in her green screen. I felt like her mouth was very…she had a lot of smart comments. When you have a lot of mouth and a lot of things to say, you just have to be prepared when people have something to say back to you. I give what I get, you know? If she treated me with respect and stayed in her place, then I would give her that, too. But, I’m going to give what I get.

VH1: Are you looking forward to seeing her today to address some of the things she said in her green screen?

Rashidah: I’m not looking forward to seeing her because I already said what I needed to say. It just is what it is.

VH1: Is there anybody you’re not looking forward to seeing?

Rashidah: Not looking forward to seeing? No.

VH1: You don’t care that much?

Rashidah: It’s not that I don’t care. But I don’t harbor a place where I don’t really want to see you. If I see you, it is what it is. It’s like getting up and going to work, you know? You have to do what you have to do. We’re here.

VH1: Do you want to take some time to elaborate on the issue with you and Mendeecees?

Rashidah: I’m going to do that on the show.

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