Rashidah On Engagement, Her Problem With Yandy And Clearing Up All The Rumors



VH1: You’re both Tahiry and Joe’s friend. How do you feel about their relationship?

Rashidah: I don’t think that it’s anybody’s place to tell somebody what they should do with their life, especially with their love life. Because I think with women we’re going to follow our hearts, and we’re going to do what it is we want to do. So although I don’t necessarily think they’re meant for each other, it’s obvious that they keep coming back into each other’s lives. I don’t want to be that bitter friend that’s telling you, “Girl, leave that n— alone. Leave him alone,” when at some point, I may end up in your situation, and I’ll have a challenge with it.

VH1: Don’t you think as a friend your role is to be honest?

Rashidah: Oh, I’m always honest with her. Always. Even when she doesn’t like it. I’m honest with her, but it’s not my position to try to make her do what I want her to do. I could just kind of tell her my opinion, and then it’s up to her to decide if she wants to listen or not. I don’t want to be that girl that, you know, [is] bashing it in your head, and seeming like a bitter friend. It looks like I’m jealous or mad about it. Why would it matter so much to me that I’m getting myself to a place where I’m arguing with her about it? It’s like, this is my opinion, follow your heart, and do what it is you want to do because I know I would. She couldn’t tell me what to do — I could listen and hear what she has to say, but I’m not going to listen to what she tells me to do. I know that she’s her own woman.

VH1: When she comes to you now, is it kind of like the eye roll, “Girl, I done heard it all before?”

Rashidah: I still listen while rolling my eyes. I’m like, “Really? Could you come with some new s—, please? I want some new problems to talk to you about.” But that problem ain’t going nowhere, so it’s like, listen, it is what it is.

VH1: What kind of advice do you give now?

Rashidah: To focus on her career, but don’t be so focused on it that she can’t open her heart to love because she’s real hard and stuff. So she sometimes shuts down, so I think that she should focus on her business, focus on her goals, continue to be active, but don’t be so close-minded to your love life.

VH1: What do you think about all the drama and beef that’s been on this season, whether it involved you or not?

Rashidah: I think it’s life. I just think it’s camouflaged because we’re on a show, but I think it’s the same things that my girlfriends are going through. When I’m talking to them, they’re having issues with their friends and their boyfriends, it’s life. So, the only difference is that we’re under a magnifying glass, so it seems like a bigger deal than it is. But it’s life. It is what it is.

VH1: Do you regret how you were portrayed on the show?

Rashidah: No, not one single bit, and can you write that in caps lock? I don’t regret anything, at all, whatsoever, about the way I was portrayed because I was myself. It’s not like someone can make you any way that you’re not. I don’t regret anything — either you’re going to deal with me, you’re going to f— with me, or not. If you’re not, and? AND? Write that in caps lock.

VH1: Have you heard the song that both Olivia and…

Rashidah: I love that song! I do.

VH1: Do you have a version you like better?

Rashidah: It’s the same song.

VH1: But two different people singing it.

Rashidah: I’m not going to lie: they both sound good.

VH1: You think so?

Rashidah: I do. I’m not going to front. I don’t like to roll with the masses and say stuff just because everybody else is saying it. They don’t like Erica, so they’re going to say Olivia is better. I’m not going to say that. I’m going to say, listening to the song, they both sound good. I ain’t talking about live in concert now. [But the recorded version] sounds great.

VH1: So you don’t really have a problem with anyone?

Rashidah: I don’t like Mendeecees. I’m not crazy about Yandy. And Raqi knows I think she’s a piece of s—.

VH1: If Yandy wasn’t Mendeecees’ woman, would you still think you’d have a problem with her? Or is it because of that situation?

Rashidah: It’s not that I even have a problem with her. You know what I’m trying to say? It’s just the situation, like for instance, yesterday when she was like, “You’re leaving these women scorned and heartbroken,” I was like, “B—, what the hell are you talking about?” You’re not going to deal with facts; you’re just going to say anything. I don’t f— with b—s like that. Speak facts. Speak real s—. Don’t just say s— because it’s good, like, am I 7’ tall or am I 5’6″ — you’re more about just saying s—, I like to deal with facts. I like to deal with the fact that you know that n— don’t come home at night. You know it, and I know it. I want to deal with that. I don’t want to deal with you being 9’ tall — that’s not a factual thing. That’s frustrating to me. People that just throw stuff out there that’s not valid, it’s not legitimate, you’re just making up stuff. You’re looking for punchlines, is what you’re saying. How can I respect you? You want to be portrayed as a businesswoman, but really what are you doing when the show’s not filming? I don’t see s—. It’s a facade to me.

VH1: So you definitely were not heartbroken over Mendeecees?

Rashidah: What?! Heartbroken? She wants to say, “Oh, you f—d him,” but then she wants to say it was 10 years ago, too. You want to try to expose people, but you want to make sure it doesn’t make your relationship look crazy. You want to make it look like, “Well, he didn’t do this while he was dealing with me, though.” Girl, let’s stop it. Ten years ago and I’m coming up to you now to say something about him mentioning me? Does that make any sense? So you’re not going to deal with facts. So I’m going to handle you like you a b— that doesn’t deal with facts.

VH1: What can we expect from you next season if you return?

Rashidah: You can expect a fabulous next season of my shoe line, you can expect a lot of grind and showing me build my brand. You can expect to watch my wedding unfold.

VH1: You’re engaged? Congrats!

Rashidah: You can be sure to watch my wedding take place. And it’s legitimate, and I know him, and he doesn’t have outside babies, and other relationships, and he’s not using me.

VH1: He’s in the industry?

Rashidah: We work together, yes.


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[Photos: Jennine Cusimano]

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