Off Pitch Stars Rob And Tim Talk Getting Real And Making People Cry


Off Pitch‘s Rob and Tim are the fearless leaders of Grand River Singers, committed partners, and show choir fanatics with years of experience teaching aspiring performers across a wide range of ages. Since GRS is made up of La Crosse’s most musical twentysomethings, what’s the best part about working with adults? (Other than post-performance refreshments, natch.) “We can lower the neckline and raise the hemline,” says Rob, one half of this brutally honest duo whose hearts are bigger than their own showbiz dreams.

For a group that’s heavily rooted in pop and musical theater, GRS gets booked for their fair share of unlikely gigs (take their upcoming performance at a local “mudder” for instance.) But their failure to see the irony in any setting, or anything negative about performing before a crowd of people who may not “get” what they’re all about, is endlessly endearing. Being that we’re in the era of YouTube and constant gratification, everyone wants to be a star and believes that they truly should be. But it’s not the destination, it’s the journey (or whatever tired IM quote you want to use) and Rob and Tim are responsible for ensuring that their group of adopted children has the best ride possible.

Now that the series premiere has aired–and received very positive response!–VH1 spoke with Rob and Tim to determine how they’re feeling about seeing their faces on television, as well as learn the best way to tell someone you’re just not that into the sound of their singing voice.

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VH1: Grand River Singers prides itself on being the first “real” Glee-inspired show choir. Let’s talk about your “realness,” and the emphasis you put on blunt critiques.
Tim: Rob and I believe in being honest with performers. There’s a large generation of kids growing up right now and we will coddle them, everyone’s great and everyone’s perfect. Well, everyone does do something great, but everybody doesn’t do everything great and you have to be honest with them and really explain where their strengths and their weakness lie. And that’s something we really strongly believe in at Grand River, and we will foster, help, and do what we can to make someone better, but if there’s something that is not going right we will be straight up and honest with them, and that would be the same for anyone else in the community, too.
Rob: Coming from a performing background, I hated going to those auditions where they’re like, “Oh, nice job!” and then you never heard from them again. I want that feedback.

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