Off Pitch Stars Rob And Tim Talk Getting Real And Making People Cry


What do you hope the series will do for GRS and its members?
R: We’re very fortunate for this opportunity and we’re really, really excited at the possibilities of what might happen from it. But at the end of the day we go back to our normal lives and we do our jobs. And then we go back to GRS rehearsal two days a week.
T: Like Rob said, at the end of the day, what’s the worst case scenario? Well, we have a great group of people that we love working with, we have great jobs, and we have a great community we live in that supports us. If that’s the bad end, that’s a pretty good deal. But then of course on the other end of things, if things explode and things go great, it would be great to be the first cast of show choir zombies on The Walking Dead. [Laughs]

Do the members of GRS feel like your children?
R: They’re like the children you can pack up and send home if you get tired of them.
T: On Marcia’s birthday they all went out and partied, and three of them ended up texting us at about 1 o’clock in the morning that they were just going to crash at the house because they didn’t want to drive home. On any given morning we could wake up and there might be two or three of them downstairs. [Laughs]
R: We changed the locks on the house and somehow they all have the new keys.

Do we need to talk about boundaries?
R: We’ve established the boundary issues. Sometimes it gets blurry once and a while, but we address it fast, and then it usually doesn’t happen for at least two weeks… and then it happens again.

Off Pitch Grand River Singers Rob and Tim

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