Jen The Pen Talks Almost Being Cast For The Gossip Game



Before she was added to the cast for Love & Hip Hop’s third season, Jen The Pen was first asked to be a part of hip hop media reality show, The Gossip Game. In a recent interview with our very own Emily Exton, the reality star gave her thoughts on the VH1 landscape, women in hip hop media, and her dreams for the future.

VH1: Have you seen the trailer videos for The Gossip Game?

Jen The Pen: Yes!

VH1: We were thinking you might have some thoughts on that.

Jen The Pen: They asked me to be on The Gossip Game!

VH1: Really?

Jen The Pen: Yea, before Love & Hip Hop. They asked me originally I was supposed to be on The Gossip Game. I had went for a bunch of interviews with the executives at VH1, [and] I ended up choosing Love & Hip Hop because that’s where my life was at the time when we started the filming process. My past is in gossip, it’s in radio but where I was when we started filming was, I was coming off of just having a baby, I’m with this rapper I don’t want to have to make anything up, I want to really be about where my life is right now. Where my life was – struggling trying to get back to work, balancing this life of Cons’ rap life, our personal issues – that made sense for Love & Hip Hop. I am excited to watch The Gossip Game. I had done some work with Angela Yee and Kim Osorio in the past. I’m big fans of them both; I respect them so much they’re my peers. I’m excited to watch someone else’s drama for a little while instead of my own.

VH1: What are you excited about the show exploring? I guess a main thing is obviously women in the industry, in hip hop and media.

Jen The Pen: Yeah, I think the world needs to see that. Everybody always wants to see the behind the scenes, like what it takes to be in whatever position it is to be in the entertainment industry. It’s definitely a good inside look just for girls and young people that are trying to get into, the bloggesphere world or into radio or into journalism. I think it’s going to be a good insight and there sure will be drama. When you put a bunch of women together there’s always drama.

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