Jen The Pen Talks Almost Being Cast For The Gossip Game


VH1: In your experience has it been more difficult to work among women in that industry or with men?

Jen The Pen: I don’t think I’ve had a difficult time working with women or men. It’s really just about who you know, that’s the most important. Whether you know women in high places or whether you know men in high places, it’s really about who you know and getting the world to know you.

VH1: What’s the best way to go about that?

Jen The Pen: Working hard of course. Trying to link up with the right people and when you’re at events making sure you’re working the room and meeting people all the time. If you need someone today, make sure in a week from now you follow up with them. You want people to remember you, and if you have to stalk their lives for you to remember them they’re going to respect that. If you just meet someone one day and then you go missing they go “oh, they’re not trying to win out here.” When you stalk people and you make yourself relevant, people see that she’s a hard worker and she’s trying to make a name for herself out here. I think that’s important.

VH1: It means something to her…

Jen The Pen: Yeah, it means something. She wants to be someone.

VH1: Do you have a memorable story or project from you radio days that kind of like change the game for you when you were working?

Jen The Pen: Everything changed for me in radio when I got the job at Sirius with Whoo Kid. I had a found out through my manager that they were looking for a new gossip girl and they were supposed to be interviewing a bunch of different girls and letting the audience decide. I went in there I speared my gossip and I never left. Whoo Kid gave me such a big opportunity and such a big chance to really be Jen the Pen and get the Jen the Pen name out there and let the world know I knew what I was doing in this gossip thing. From there Power 92 in Chicago had gotten wind of me, then that took off and I was doing radio for a big market in Chicago. Just being able to have that opportunity with Whoo Kid – that one opportunity – opened so many doors for me.

VH1: What do you like more radio or being on TV?

Jen The Pen: I love being in front of a microphone. I can always talk, I’m good at talking. I love talking, so I love radio but I love TV. A dream job for me, VH1 please be listening! My executives over at VH1, the gods there, please listen: my dream job would be hosting a television show. How Jenny McCarthy has her show now, I think that’s the best of both worlds because you get to talk and you get to be on TV. [Being a television host is now where my eyes are set, that is my dream job.

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