Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 1 – “Hey Maid”



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is back like it never left! Season two is poppin’ more than you even imagined. Joseline Hernandez, baby, is still a star. And Mimi is pushed so far past her breaking point she put them paws on Stevie J.

Mimi’s moved on! Or has she? Mimi crashing at Stevie J’s place is all fine and dandy until Joseline walks in to find her there. Did you peep Mimi’s impression of Joseline? “She was staying here?” Mimi asks Stevie. Of course she was. “She doesn’t belong around a child. Period.” Stevie reassures Mimi he’s going to check Joseline. And to make sure Joseline isn’t around their daughter, Mimi’s going to start staying at Stevie J’s house. Moving on will have to wait.


Scrappy‘s moved back in with Erica since they’re engaged. Erica’s not feeling Scrappy’s spending habits because how are they going to plan a wedding if he’s making it rain on Gucci, Louis and Polo. “I’m an entertainer. I got my whole swag game down packed.” “Ball on a budget,” Erica suggests. Getting Scrappy to agree on a maximum he can spend a month on clothes was not easy, but Erica worked her magic and got him down from $2,000 to $1,200. Erica just may be running things if these two make it to the altar.


Joseline, the Puerto Rican princess, is working and has no time for Stevie’s nonsense. As he promised, he checks Joseline about getting out of line about his daughter. “Oh please. Who lived there for three months?” Joseline asks. Stevie obviously doesn’t have such a tight reign on her anymore. Joseline has a major problem with Stevie letting Mimi spend the night while she was living in the house. “Stevie, please. You always want to go with the back and forth. Mimi, Molly the maid and Joseline the Puerto Rican princess.” Joseline is letting him have it, honey. “Get the f– up out of here so I can get back to work with yo monkey a–.” We live!

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