Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 1 – “Hey Maid”



After Shay ran off the stage at the reunion we thought she’d be MIA. But some people refuse to let things go. Momma Dee not being #teamErica doesn’t help Shay move on since she has this false hope she can get back in good with Scrappy. “At the end of the day, he is the prince of the south and I cannot overthrone [sic] him,” Momma Dee tells Shay. But Momma Dee has something up her sleeve. “It is not the wish of the Queen.” Momma Dee is being messy. Asking Shay if she still loves her son and not to give up is a disaster waiting to happen. “Just watch out. Change is a’coming.” Momma Dee won’t stop until her girl Shay is back in Scrappy’s arms.


K.Michelle signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Her upcoming album titled Rebellious Soul is very fitting. Her A&R wants to remember she has to repair her bad attitude reputation. “I’m not the girly R&B artist. It’s not happening,” she told him. “I need to f– with the hood, the streets, I need to be like a female singing rapper, a mix between Fergie and Jesus.” Girl, what? Count on K for the one-liners.


Erica’s relationship with her mom has grown tremendously, but her mom is still not 100% on board with #teamScrappy. To show her mom that Scrappy is serious about marrying her she takes her mom to get the engagement ring appraised. Her mom reiterates that she’s happy if Erica is happy, but Erica wants to know is she really happy with her and Scrappy’s relationship. “I’m content. I’ll be happy after the marriage.” Erica cuts to the chase by asking, “So basically you’re doubting that we’re going to get married?” Mom dukes is 80% sure they’ll get married. Erica’s solution is showing her mom that the ring cost $21,000 so she’ll understand how serious Scrappy is. “Love those numbers,” mom said. But something tells us that didn’t completely win her over.

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