Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 1 – “Hey Maid”



Joseline hit up Benzino‘s late night radio show. Joseline is not going to bite her tongue for anyone, or any audience. “I’m the baddest chick, what can I say? They only want to see the Puerto Rican princess.” Joseline’s getting that bread–$20,000/week according to her math. What no one expected was her response to what’s up with her and Stevie. “I love Stevie as a person, I appreciate him, but I just don’t want to be with him. Currently I’m single, and I’m always looking for love, ’cause I like to have sex.” Whoa. Benzino is concerned about whether or not Stevie J knows this. Joseline obviously doesn’t care.


K.Michelle is going to plan Erica an engagement party. There’s only one problem: K.Michelle doesn’t really fool with everyone Erica loves. “Mimi, Ariane?” Erica asks. Nope. K.Michelle is not happy Ariane slept with her ex and didn’t tell her. She spread her “hot pocket” and didn’t tell her as a friend. “Rasheeda?” “No, no, no” K.Michelle responded. K was not budging on that one.


Stevie J heard Joseline’s radio interview and decided he needed to smooth things over with his number one money maker. “You’re such a pimp,” Joseline tells him as she takes the purple fur he bought her out of the box. “I love the fur and everything like that, but if this is going to cost me I don’t even want to take it.” Joseline is tired of him treating her like a prostitute. “See what daddy do for you?” he asks. Getting rid of Stevie was never going to be that easy.


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