Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 1 – “Hey Maid”




Ariane doesn’t think she has a beef with K.Michelle. She just wants to clear the air and move on. But, “If she want to square up we can. Mississippi will come right up out this thang.” Meanwhile K and Erica are already getting the party started. “Let’s toast to having big butts, and not being sluts.” When Ariane and Mimi walk in things get awkward as K.Michelle and Ariane ignore each other. Ariane breaks the ice by talking to K first, but K is not all warm with her at first. “To hear you were commenting on my life, was not appropriate,” she said. “You hurt me…I forgave you once and it won’t be a twice,” she said. That’s all Ariane needed to hear to end the convo. “Nah I ain’t done talking, I started and I got some margarita,” K said. K.Michelle’s margarita comment had everyone cracking up. Ariane says she wasn’t trying to hurt her, they kiss and make up, all is right with their foursome.


Scrappy’s shopping on that $1200 budget Erica gave him. Momma Dee wants to present her case on why Shay is the woman for him. Only with Momma Dee she doesn’t say that outright. “You sure that’s the direction you want to go?” Momma Dee asked about Erica. Momma Dee wants him to know Shay has lost some weight and is looking, “FINNNE!” Scrappy says he wouldn’t have lunch with her if she hit him up. “Oh, you know you want to.” Scrappy is getting annoyed that his mom is trying so hard. “Your soon to be daughter-in-law, get cool with her,” he tells her. “Let’s get it together ’cause that’s where I’m going.” After wiping the lipstick off his cheek she says, “I don’t want Erica to see that lipstick she might think it came from Shay.” Momma Dee is messy; and going through great lengths to keep Erica and Stevie apart.


Mimi is enjoying her time playing house with Stevie J. Until Joseline walks in. “Hey, maid. I see you got on yo’ maid outfit like you always do,” Joseline says to Mimi. “You s— a– b*tch,” Mimi said. She wants Joseline out. Now! Once outside Joseline leaves, but not without one last jab at Mimi. “She need to come clean my condo. That’s what she need to do.” Stevie J doesn’t leave to go to the studio with Joseline. He stays to feel Mimi’s wrath. “You so far up this h- a– you can’t think straight.” Mimi is fired up in the bathroom. She really blows a fuse when he tells her to stop all the name calling and takes up for Joseline saying she’s not a prostitute. “This b*tch want to call me a maid and everything else and you not gon’ say s—?” Stevie J tells Mimi Joseline was joking which results in him getting bit on the cheek and a glass of water thrown at him. He walks out and leaves Mimi with a “Clean up my room Molly maid.” And she thought Joseline was disrespectful.


It’s going to be one hell of a ride. Stay tuned!

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