The Complete Restaurant Guide To Love And Hip Hop Season 3



Have you ever wondered where these restaurants are that Love and Hip Hop‘s Raqi and Jen the Pen sit down and yell over not being sleazy on radio? Ponder no more.

The Love and Hip Hop restaurant guide is here. If you were looking for a place to talk to your man’s friend about getting him back, this guide is for you. Perhaps you’re curious as to where in NYC you can go to talk to your girls about finding a baller. In the slight chance you’re just a normal person who wants to find places to eat good food, this guide is for you too. Here you’ll relive what went down at each restaurant and why it’s a NYC must.

Mojito Cuban Cuisine

82 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

What went down: Raqi and Tahiry talk in circles realizing they can never be friends again.

Signature dish: Plato de Gambas

Signature cocktail: Strawberry mojitos

Why you should visit: Great place to breakup with a frenemy.

What you’ll spend: $11-30/per person

Ember Room

647 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

What went down: All business, no romance, for Erica and Rich.

Signature dish: Had-yai Volcano Chicken

Signature cocktail: Sipping Emotion (vodka made and infused by Ember Room)

Why you should visit: To escape talking about work, but you’ve got to try to, you know, not talk about work.

What you’ll spend: $11-30/per person

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