The Best Live-Tweets From The Gossip Game: Spit Hits The Fan


The Gossip Game Tweets Vivian Billings

A little over 12 hours later and last night’s episode of The Gossip Game is already generating a heated discussion. From Steph Lova‘s decision to bring Vivian‘s son Kayden into an on-air conversation, to Viv’s weapon of choice–her saliva–everyone has an opinion on who was in the wrong.

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Luckily the cast was plugged in to social media, tweeting away as the events unfolded on our TV screens. For certain women, it was a chance to relive the past, reaffirm specific decisions, or clear up misconceptions (ahem, Ms. Drama), but for others it was a chance to a new side of someone–a shouting, spitting side. (Yes, Jas. It happened.)

Check out what the ladies had to say about Episode Five, and don’t forget to tune in to hear Viv chatting with our very own Jen The Pen on today’s episode of Very VH1.

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