DJ Traci Steele Talks K.Michelle Drama And Being Worth More Than Her Baby Daddy



As promised we’re delivering the tea DJ Traci Steele spilled. The night after her debut on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Traci was incredibly excited and bubbly, but she will get buck, quickly, at the mention of Babey Drew‘s groupies.

Traci may give Joseline and K.Michelle a run for their money this season with the best quotables. “Microwavable b*tches” has already caught on. If you asked yourself why she cares so much about Babey Drew’s women, she has an answer. On whether or not she got with her ex because he’s Chris Brown‘s DJ she has a few choice words. And on K.Michelle calling her an opportunist, she has a response for that too. Get to know Traci a bit more through this one-on-one interview.

VH1: How was it watching yourself on TV for the first time?

Traci Steele: It was exciting, and it was fun to see myself. It was awesome.

VH1: What made you join the show since you’re already an established DJ in Atlanta?

Traci: There’s a couple of reasons, but the biggest reason is exposure. I thought it’d be not only great exposure for myself as a DJ, but for Drew as a DJ, as well as I thought our story was relatable and that other people could see us and say, “Yeah, that reminds me of me.”

VH1: You had Twitter talking with your “microwavable b*tches” comment. Where did you come up with that term?

Traci: You know it was through the years of dealing with the groupies and having to see them in and out all the time. I just coined the term microwavable. I call them popcorn h*s and microwavable h*s because that’s how fast they come. You microwave food and it’s done in two minutes, that’s how fast these h*s are done.

VH1: You haven’t been with Drew in over six years, so why do you care so much about his groupies? Are you still in love with him?

Traci: No! [laughs] At the end of the day I care about my son and his well being. And if I feel like his father is doing things my son can learn from and take from that I’m not happy with, I’m gonna say it. I’m going to bring it up, I’m going to mention it. I’m a very vocal person, I don’t keep anything on my mind to myself. My concern is always my son. Who Big Drew deals with is not my concern. If there’s constantly a rotation of women that is my concern because my son learns from what he sees not only what he hears.

VH1: Outside of the groupies how are Drew’s parenting skills?

Traci: We’re like the best of friends, but we do come into situations like the groupies and other things that happen in the industry like him touring all the time and that does affect our friendship, but we try to co-parent as best as we can and we want to show our son that we can be friends and be cordial.

VH1: How was it when you guys were dating as far as working in the same industry?

Traci: Well, my success didn’t come until after him. I was a DJ when I was with him, but I was unknown. And when Drew and I separated that’s when I started going hard because I wanted to show him what he was missing out on—a woman who was determined, who was driven, who can take care of home and still work. Then my passion for DJing turned into my love, so everything that’s happened to me career wise happened after Drew and I separated. But he was a good reason for why it happened because I wanted to go so hard at that point.

VH1: Was it your idea or his for you two to join the show?

Traci: It was all me. At the time I was dating a NFL player and I went to him and asked if he’d be part of the show with me and he said yes. By the time they casted me we weren’t together anymore. So I felt like I needed that drama and Big Drew has definitely been that drama in my life. I called him literally the day before we went to cast and said, “Be open minded. Please do this with me and come with me to the casting.” And I was nervous about asking him because I didn’t think he’d want to put our lives out there, but he was totally down.

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