DJ Traci Steele Talks K.Michelle Drama And Being Worth More Than Her Baby Daddy



VH1: Do you think with him doing the show he can give you the stability you want for him to be around more for your son?

Traci: That is exactly what I want. I want him to stay home more and be more of a father figure. I understand that him touring is what makes him money, but at the end of the day a son needs a father. So I’m hoping and praying that this show will build him up to the point he can make the money he needs to make and still run his business here in ATL.

VH1: Speaking of businesses, he asked for 25,000 dollars to invest in his shoe boutique. Girl, are you going to give him that money?

Traci: [laughs] You have to watch to find out.

VH1: But the fact that you’re even considering it seeing as how you two aren’t together…

Traci: That is a huge investment. And if I do or do not invest in this store, my whole focus is my son. What will benefit him? If I invest in the store will it benefit him or will it cause problems, and that’s the dilemma I have.

VH1: If you didn’t have to worry about groupies directly benefitting from your investment do you think you’d be more willing to do it?

Traci: Yes. [laughs]. Absolutely. My experience in dealing with Drew… I’ve seen with my own eyes me trying to help him and someone else benefitting from it and I’m not standing for that anymore. He has to show and prove that things are going to change.

VH1: In an upcoming episode we’ll see you get feisty with one of his women. Why do you think they approach you?

Traci: I blame him, honey. He puts these stupid b*tches on a pedestal and makes them believe that they actually have some say so and they actually have an opinion. B*tch, no. The only thing you open your mouth for is to suck a d—. You don’t do nothing else. You do not have an opinion when it comes to me or my family. So that’s where another problem comes in. Big Drew don’t know how to tell these h*s you just a h*. You stand over in the corner, you say nothing.

VH1: That got you worked up last night when Drew defended the last chick he dated saying she was a nice school teacher.

Traci: He does not see until these h*s screw him over. This is not the first time that these groupie h*s have shown that they’re groupies. And they can be school teachers, they can be nurses and they could be working at McDonalds. A groupie is a groupie. Period. But he thinks, oh she’s a teacher she can’t be a groupie. B*tch please.

VH1: That aside, do you think you could be with him again if the groupies were not an issue?

Traci: You just have to see.

VH1: Ok. Last night you told Drew the least he could do is find someone who has six jobs like you. Do you really have six jobs?

Traci: I do actually. I have a lot of businesses that run themselves. I own houses. I’m a landlord. Then I have a couple of other businesses. I have incomes coming in from different directions. And the reason I said that is he always finds a chick that don’t aspire to nothing. And I’m over here busting my ass building an empire for my family and you’re messing with chicks who don’t even know how to spell empire.

VH1: Are you dating now?

Traci: You’ll see on the show. [laughs]

VH1: You are not spilling any tea today.

Traci: [laughs] Nope. At the end of the day Drew is still my friend. I still care about him, I don’t want to be with him. Who knows? My mind might change later on throughout the season, but for right now, in episode two, I don’t want to be with him. But I want to see him do better. He’s always coming back to me about something. If he needs advice he comes to me. If he needs money he comes to me. But if he would find himself a grown woman who got herself together, who got 5-6 jobs, kidding, but who holds things down, he wouldn’t always have to come to me. People are so concerned with, why I care so much. Trust me my phone rings daily because he got something he needs advice or help with.

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